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Investing for Beginners

Learn different ways to invest for today and tomorrow


Stocks and the Stock Market

Learn what stocks are and the different ways you can make money in the stock market


Learn to Trade Stock Options Successfully

Learn what stock options are, how they work, and how you can successfully trade them to make consistent income for yourself

What Our Students Have to Say

Working with Michelle has been great. I've gotten the skills and confidence to make money with stock options. It was a completely different language to me, I knew nothing, but now I make money every week consistently using her training and strategies!
Brian Y
I have been actively trading now for a little over six months, and in those six months, I've generated a return on my investment. How did I get there? One, I listen to her recordings. Two, I attended her seminars and three, I participated in our weekly strategy sessions.
Michelle is not only a great teacher, she is a true mentor. In my mind, a mentor is one who not only teaches, but has a vested interest in watching you succeed while not judging you by the questions you ask or the failures that you face. She embodies all of this and that's what makes her mentorship so special.
Chad P
Thinking back on 2019 my favorite accomplishment was starting options trading and feeling comfortable with the reasoning and the process, all thanks to you. Excited to start 2020 with another account and keep building my balances week after week. You made it possible. All the best, Maggie​
Maggie D​
US Virgin Islands​
Michelle is a masterful teacher of options and her passion is infectious. She simplifies the complex and demonstrates a very methodical way for even beginners to learn trading options. I highly recommend her course!
Frank F
New York
I am up 43.80% since starting with you only 5 months ago!!! Thank you for all that you've done!
Lynda L
Her strategies straight, very simple and most importantly is consistent. I truly believe in the fact that keep it is stupid is the right way to do things. But sometimes we think we can do better and have better returns because we'll get greeting.
David M.
Ontario, Canada
She was the first person I met and we hit it off and we had a wonderful time and she told me all about what she did and I was like, Michelle, I want to do this. I really want to learn this. Can you teach me? And she says absolutely, Yes. She said, it's so simple.
Daisy S
United Kingdom
Thank you for the Options course you’ve done last year. I’ve been training since then with about 28% returns so far. Still a junior but learning...
Alex L.
Sydney, Australia